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Home-loan-Bangalore one of the expertise concern when it comes to assisting people on availing home loan from the financial bodies. With the vision of providing seamless services to the consumers, our team will help people to obtain B Khata home loan at lowest rate of interest.

About Khata

Khata of a property is that when a property is recorded within the property register maintained in BBMP, Municipality or Corporation.

When a property is registered with the Corporation, it is assessed to tax, allotted a municipal number and records the person primarily in charge to pay the property tax.

Any title holder of a property among the BBMP Jurisdiction will apply for a Khata in a prescribed kind, in conjunction with relevant documents to Assistant Revenue Officer.

The Khata Certificate is a document that certifies the owner of the property.

Different types of khata (A khata, B khata, E khata, Panchayat khata)

“A” Khata Certificate

Karnataka government ensures that the property being registered and issued “A” Khata Certificate complies with all the Building Byelaws and regulations. Only if the property meets the laws can the government register the property and issue the “A” Khata certificate.

In today’s market B Khata loan has the low interest rates when comparing with the existing home loans. This loan can able availed from minimum of 5 L to 25 Cr against your property or to construct house in your existing plot.

“B” Khata Certificate

However, in many situations the government found properties in Karnataka enjoy the benefits provided by the government (for example – roads, drainage, water, street lights etc) without paying property taxes in return. These properties were usually in violation of building byelaws. The government started issuing the B Khata Certificate as a way to bring these properties into the government’s records and charge property taxes on them. Having this document still will NOT allow the property owner to apply for licenses from the government or obtain loans on the property.

Electronic khata (E Khata)

Electronic khata, popularly known as E-khata, is a tool for a plot owner to pay his/her tax in any nationalized bank. To obtain E-khata, the site photo, owner’s photo along with digital signature is mandatory. Electronic khata is applicable for brand new plots that make up the BMRDA jurisdiction.

Any individual owner having a khata is entitled to E-khata. For unrelated sites, it will be in the name of the builder, and will be registered in an individual’s name only when 40% of the release order from the BMRDA is received. Considering the growth and expansion of the Bangalore city, the Karnataka Government has laid special emphasis in the process of computerizing land records. People filing khata are entitled to obtain receipts when required, with the help of the PID (Property Identification) number.

Furthermore, updated khata certificates along with extracts can easily be derived from the BBMP kiosks. In a bid to prevent fraudulent activities, the Stamp and Registration department gave a nod to the computer generated khata (Form 9 and Form 11), which is mandatory to submit at the time of registration. With the help of the PID number that is generated on computerizing of the records, a property tax owner endowed with the option to access his/her khata online.

Panchayat Khata

Khata which comes under the jurisdictions of the Panchayat Raj System is termed as Panchayat Khata. The Panchayat Raj System is a form of a local government organization that is present in rural villages and towns of India and is chiefly headed by the Village Sarpanch.

During the British colonial rule, the Panchayat was granted with great powers, but have lost their importance post the independence of India. India re-introduced the Panchayat raj as a self-governance system in 1992 after local matters were disregarded and remained unsolved. Today, we have over 265,000-gram Panchayat in India.

Home Loan Rate of Interest in Bangalore as on
Rate of Interest 7.10%
Maximum Tenure 20 years
Processing Fee Up to 0.50% of the loan amount or ₹ 3,000 whichever is higher, plus GST.
Prepayment and Foreclosure Charges Allowed and no charges for floating rate loans
Age Limit Minimum 24 years and Max 60 years

Get assistance for B Khata loans

Generally, B khata properties often get rejected from few financial bodies. However, there are several private financial institutes offers B khata loans, but right approach is mandatory to avail the loan benefits for that seeking professional like us would be the wise choice.

We offers wide variety of assistance when it comes to availing B Khata Home Loan which many refuse to do. Our experts aware of institutes offering B Khata loan for low interest rates and guide our customers with all valid assistance along with essential documents.

Get assistance for B Khata construction loan

In the city of Bangalore, getting financial assistance for constructing B khata site would be much easier if consumers approach with us. Our expertise aware of the needed documents and eligibility criteria for availing loans in Bangalore and guide our consumers accordingly.

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Required documents to availl B Khata Home Loan

Our experts well aware of the details of required documents by the financial bodies in order to provide loan, here are the needed simple documents for availing hassle free home loans.

  • Layout plan / Master plan (Approved by Panchayat).
  • Title deed and Sale deed of your property
  • Property taxes must be paid to date
  • Betterment charges to be paid to BBMP on conversion of property
  • The copy of receipts of property taxes that have been paid in the previous years
  • Conversion order of land from agriculture to non-agricultural purpose
  • Panchayat issued Khata Extract given by developer
  • KYC documents
  • Last 2 years IT returns

Why Choose us?

We have potential links with all major financial bodies in the Bangalore city, with the influence and perfectness on submitting the required documents our clients able to get loan at ease.

B Khata Properties has the separate registration process in the administrative body BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) which holds the responsibility of infrastructural assets in the city. Just by fulfilling few criteria’s like paying additional taxes, our experts would easily upgrades the existing B Khata site into A Khata site.

With the aid of NBFC (Non Banking Financial Corporations) which holds much simpler terms and rules when it comes to assisting home loan for people, we helps our customers to get Property Loan at low interest rates.

Types of B Khata property loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a Khata?

Title holder of a property within the BBMP Jurisdiction will apply for a Khata along with relevant documents, to the concerned Assistant Revenue Officer.

Is it necessary to use for modification of Khata once property is to be transferred from one person to a different by registered sale deed or otherwise succession of property after Khatadar’s death?

Yes, Section 114 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976 makes it mandatory to do within 3 months.

Where and from whom can obtain Khata Certificate & Khata Extract?

Khata Certificate & Khata Extract will be obtained when paying Rs. 25/- & Rs. 100/- for every copy from Assistant Revenue Officer or at any of the service Centers.

What are the details of tax & fees that are required to be paid before Khata is issued

Yes, Section 114 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976 makes it mandatory to do within 3 months.

How to get loan for B Khata properties?

Generally one cannot get Home loans/Site purchase loans / Composite loans for B Khata properties from nationalized banks.

However, many private financial institutes offer loans for these properties at a much higher rate of interest when compared to a nationalized bank.

How is B Khata Properties viewed under the government rules?

Khata has been divided into A Khata and B Khata for jurisdictional purpose and therefore the A Khata comes under B.B.M.P while B Khata comes under local jurisdiction. A Khata properties are regarded as officially authorized construction while the B Khata properties are unlawful construction.

Where B Khata Certificate is issued?
  • When the property lies in layout that has not been authorized by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) or by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)
  • When the property lies in a Layout on Revenue Land that has not gone through Deputy Commissioner (DC) Conversion to allow non-agricultural use.
  • No Plan approval on the property
  • No “Occupancy Certificate” on property
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