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Home-Loan-Bangalore is one of the pioneers when it comes to assisting people on availing home loans from the top financial institutions with the best possible lowest interest rates. With over a decade of rich expertise in providing financial assistance in providing the best home loans at the lowest interest rates from the top financial institutions, we also offer assistance in providing E-Khata home loan in Bangalore making your dream of buying/ constructing a home/property in the garden city of Bangalore come true.

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E-Khata is nothing but a technical definition of electronic Khata or computerized Khata that can be filed property owners. It enables property owners to pay their property tax online. E Khata is nothing but the electronic form of Khata. Khata is an important document required when buying or selling any property. Generally, Khata is of two types A Khata and B Khata. In general words, Khata is an account of property details such as owner's name, size, location, area, built up area, etc. It determines the official taxpayer for the apartment or property. It is also required to calculate the tax that needs to be paid for a property. After government verification done, property owners receive Khata their respective properties.

Avail E-Khata Home Loan in Bangalore approved by BBMP

E Khata is merely the computerization of the actual Khata using the modern technology. It is a new procedure adopted to curb illegal transactions by BBMP. It is useful for a person to pay property tax online without visiting the BBMP office. E-Khata will contain all the details that have been recorded manually. E-Khata helps people to obtain receipts when required with the help of PID number instantly without leaving their home thus saving their precious time and money, whereas people can use E Khata services whose properties have been allotted PID number.

Get Expert Guidance on E Khata home loan in Bangalore

Home Loan Bangalore has extensive experience in real estate in a career spanning over a decade. With his critical expertise in getting different types of home loans in Bangalore. Since our inception, we have successfully assisted our beloved customers in getting home loans closed out projects across a complete spectrum of properties like plots, budget apartments, comfort homes as well as luxury villas in the city of Bangalore.

We commit to always assessing your financial requirements concerning home loan in Bangalore with our esteemed customers. From attending to all the necessary paperwork and requirements for your home loan application, sourcing and offering a home loan that is suitable to your situation and needs and most of all, being highly honestly and 100% transparency, answering any queries or issues you may have during the term of your home loan in a friendly timeous manner easing the home loan process in Bangalore.

We at home-loan-Bangalore offers a wide variety of expert assistance when it comes to availing E- Khata Home Loans in Bangalore which you may find it difficult to get them elsewhere within a short span of stipulated time.

Home Loan Bangalore is always committed to providing you with the best home loan solutions from the leading financial institutions in Bangalore. We offer free assistance, In other words, it costs you nothing to apply. We will always make sure that the fees and charges related to the Loan Agreement are clear to see and will be disclosed to you upfront.

Need assistance in getting financial assistance for constructing E Khata site in Bangalore? Getting an E-Khata site construction loan in Bangalore would be much easier if consumers approach with us. The success story of our customers would elaborate more on our work. With our expert guidance, the E Khata construction loan can be availed easily with our round the clock assistance which is quick, honest and 100% transparent.

Documents which are needed to avail E Khata Home loans

Our experts well aware of the details of required documents by the financial bodies in order to provide the BKhata loan, here are the needed simple documents for availing hassle free home loans for E khata properties.

  • Just like the others Mother Deed along with the Sale papers of the respective papers
  • EC (Encumbrance Certificate) which acts as the proof for property tax been paid
  • Khata Certificate
  • KYC documents
  • Last 2 years IT return papers of the respective owners

Types of E Khata property loan

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Khata is a very vital and legitimate document required for buying or selling any type of property. The two general types of katas- A Khata and B Khata has already been discussed along with the procedure of obtaining it. The new entrant to the Khata world is the E-Khata which refers to electronic Khata which is filed online.

Khata is an essential document as it contains the account of the details such as owner’s name, the size of the property, location, built up area, area, the official taxpayer for the property and also calculates the tax which has to be paid for the respective property. Once the government procedure of verifying the property is done, the property owner gets Khata and PID numbers for their properties.

Getting a Khata is very essential has the document records all the basic information like the name of the land or property owner, the size of the property he/she owns, location of the property, built-up area, tax assessment details, property number, demarcations, and all other information needed to file property tax. Khata is essentially required to calculate the tax payable on a property.

E- Khata, being a new trendsetter in the real estate sector in Bangalore is a boon to the users, given the pile of documents involved in real estate transactions, a first time home buyer is likely to get more advantages. Since getting a physical Khata is lengthy and tiresome, as it involves the sheer volume of paperwork and the impediments involved in the process often shapes it into a tiring and lengthy course. The latest development in this route is the ‘E-Khata’ which is highly beneficial for the new and existing home buyers in Bangalore.

In the real estate sector, Khata is basically the account/assessment of a property, which falls in the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike)/ BMRDA (Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority) jurisdiction, in regard to taxation. Khata holds relevant information such as the owner’s name, area, location, size and built-up area.

A Khata in Bangalore, which is filed online is termed as the e-Khata is a boon to the new property buyers. A Khata and PID (Property Identification) number, however, is received once all the government verification of the property is completed.

Electronic Khata, popularly known as E-Khata, is a tool for a property owner to pay tax in any nationalized bank online without leaving their homes.

  1. The site/property photo
  2. Owner’s photo along with digital signature is a must.
  3. Electronic Khata is applicable for new plots that fall under the BMRDA jurisdiction.
  4. Any individual owner having a valid Khata is entitled to E-Khata.
  5. For unrelated sites, it will be in the name of the builder and will be registered in an individual’s name only when 40% of the release order from the BMRDA is received.
  6. Only then can a transfer the Khata in E-form

E-Khata transfer is generally required

  • When there is a change of ownership from one individual to another through a sale,
  • Will
  • Gift
  • Death of the property owner

Following are the documents needed for Khata transfer through sale:

  • Sale Deed
  • Title deed
  • Latest tax paid receipts
  • Old Khata certificate
  • Flowchart of sale proceeds
  • Betterment/improvement charges receipt
  • Sketch showing bifurcation of Property & its measurement (blueprint)/ Building Approval Plan
  • Copy of previous Tax Paid receipts
  • Any further document required by BBMP

Khata is a basic document required for assessment of property for tax payments, an account maintained by the municipality and contains details of the property taxes that have been paid for a particular property to the local authorities, and also the Khata does not confer ownership but identifies the person liable to pay the property tax.

The title deed is a document that gives the rights of the ownership of a specific property to the holder or owner, which acts as a written contract between a property seller and a buyer. A title deed is essential to obtain the document.

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