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Home-Loan-Bangalore is one of the top home loan assistance providers in Bangalore having over 10 years’ experience in providing any kind of home loans, being having tie-ups with all leading home loan providers in Bangalore including government Banks, private banks, and top financial institutions. Our team includes qualified professionals who can guide in to cater unique needs of getting a home loan in Bangalore in which maximum of the properties is classified as A Khata, B Khata, and Panchayat Khata with or without DC Conversion. In case you are searching out A Khata home loans, B Khata Home loan, E Khata Home Loan, NRI Home Loan and Panchayat Khata Home loan in Bangalore with expert help provided for Low CIBIL score instances, we will be there to assist you in every possible way.

About Panchayat Khata

Khata which comes under the jurisdictions of the Panchayat Raj System is termed as Panchayat Khata. The Panchayat Raj System is a form of a local government organization that is present in rural villages and towns of India. It is the foundation by which the self-government body operates in India and it is chiefly headed by the Village Sarpanch.

During the British colonial rule, the panchayat was granted with great powers, but have lost their importance post the independence of India. India re-introduced the Panchayat raj as a self-governance system in 1992 after local matters were disregarded and remained unsolved. Today, we have over 265,000-gram Panchayat in India, at least one for every town which falls under these properties fall under the Panchayat Khata land more than a dozen in the city of Bangalore.

How to get Panchayat Khata Loan in Bangalore?

Home Loan Bangalore has extensive experience in real estate in a career spanning over a decade. With his critical expertise in getting different types of home loans in Bangalore. Since our inception, we have successfully assisted our beloved customers in getting home loans closed out projects across a complete spectrum of properties like plots, budget apartments, comfort homes as well as luxury villas in the city of Bangalore.

Our commitment lies in always assessing your financial requirements concerning home loan in Bangalore with our esteemed customers. From attending to all the necessary paperwork and requirements for your home loan application, sourcing and offering a home loan that is suitable to your situation and needs and most of all, being highly honestly and 100% transparency, answering any queries or issues you may have during the term of your home loan in a friendly timeous manner easing the home loan process in Bangalore.

We at home-loan-Bangalore offers a wide variety of expert assistance when it comes to availing Panchayat Khata Home Loans in Bangalore which you may find it difficult to get them elsewhere within a short span of stipulated time with maximum loan amount dispersal guaranteed.

Get round the clock assistance for Panchayat Khata site construction loan in Bangalore

Home Loan Bangalore is always committed to providing you with the best home loan solutions from the leading financial institutions in Bangalore for getting Panchayat Khata home loan in Bangalore, by offering round the clock assistance absolutely free, right from loan agreement charges to loan interest rates keeping 100% transparency and quick dispersal of your required home loan amount.

Need assistance in getting financial assistance for availing Panchayat Khata site loan in Bangalore? Getting a Panchayat Khata site construction loan in Bangalore would be much easier if consumers approach with us. The success story of our customers would elaborate more on our work.

Documents required for Panchayat Khata Home Loan Bangalore

Types of Panchayat Khata property loan

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Khata Certificate is required for the registration of a new property and the transfer of a property and is mandatory to obtain a Khata Certificate from BBMP.

Khata Extract mandatory for obtaining the property details from the assessment registrar while buying any property and acquiring trade license from the BBMP. The Khata is widely referred to as A Khata and B Khata as per the Revenue records extract. Basically, Khata Extract has two types. While the ‘A’ Khata has properties listed under BBMP jurisdiction with legal property construction and ‘B’ Khata has properties under local jurisdiction with some restrictions imposed for constructions.

A-Khata properties are regions or lands in Bangalore approved by BBMP for constructions. Regions in Bangalore where the BBMP has not approved/recognized layouts for construction are classified as B-Khata property and the rest are termed as Panchayat Khata properties.

Properties in outer areas of the Bangalore city, like Electronic City, Sarjapur Road, Devanahalli; are still under the Talks and are classified as Panchayat property.

Construction on a B-Khata / Panchayat property is essentially a non-BBMP approved construction. Also, the Titles for B-Khata / Panchayat properties are not registered. However, we at Home-Loan Bangalore can get your loan approved in a short span of time.

Search no further, Home-Loan-Bangalore is the one stop shop for all types of home loans as including Panchayat Khata Home Loans in Bangalore.

Interest rates vary with customer profile and type of property, starts at 9.5% per annum.

Following are the documents needed for Khata transfer through sale:

  • Sale deed of land
  • Mother deed of the property
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC) for last 15 years
  • IT Declaration of last 2 years
  • Approved floor plan and quotation of construction

The amount that can be financed typically depends on the profile of customer and type of loan ranging from Renovation, Property Purchase, Property Extension, and New Construction. Maximum up to 80% of project value can be borrowed and we rest assure you to get the maximum home loan possible.

Customer Feedback

After getting rejected by several nationalized banks, I totally fed up on getting home loans for my B Khata property. However, one of my friend suggests me Home-Loan-Bangalore who helped me to get financial assistance through NBFC. Thanks to Mr. Ramesh from Home-Loan-Bangalore who assist me to avail loans for my property.

K. Rahul

With tight work schedule I not able to spend enough time on finding the right financial institutes offering B Khata loans for B khata property, I approached home-loan-Bangalore after witnessing their successful reviews from their customers in online. Just like the customers shares their experience, Mr. Suresh one of the analyzer’s from the firm assists be with so kind and took the entire burn on him. Owing to his immense effort now I availed home loans for my b khata property for best interest rate. Thanks to home-loan-bangalore


Home-loan-Bangalore assist me a lot on getting B khata construction loans for my existing b khata site, which I seek to renovate my old building. Thanks to the employees of home-loan-Bangalore who worked hard for my benefits.

Giridhar BV

If anyone looking for perfect assistance on getting bkhata loans from financial bodies, then home-loan-Bangalore would be the best. I just experienced good work from them and availed loan amount for better interest rate.

Sharmila Takur

With my success on getting loan amount for my b khata property with the assistance of the experts of home-loan-Bangalore, I would strongly recommend them for all those who seeks financial loan for their bkhata property.

Rahul Preeti

No words to describe the timely help from the experts of home-loan-bangalore on helping me to get bkhata home loans during my financial crisis time. They successfully managed to arrange loan within 2-3 days. I personally thanks to their experts for their immense support.

Mahalingam. T

Having several years of experience in the financial field, the home-loan-Bangalore would the best option for those who seeks bkhata loans for their property. Their experienced staffs helped me to avail b khata home loan for my property and saved lots of my precious time.


Though, several NBFC institutions in India offering home loans for bkhata sites it really hard for people who working in professional field for analyzing the better institutions offering b khata loans for low interest rates. Thanks to home-loan-bangalore, where they take care of my entire worries and gave the list of NBFC vendors who offers loans for low interest. That’s really saved lots of my time and energy.


For the past few days I was researching about b khata property loans and finally ended up with home-loan-Bangalore as my research ended with confusion after witnessing various requirements needed by the financial bodies in Bangalore. The experts of home-loan-bangalore just guided me with necessary documents and help me to avail loan amount from the financial institute that offers loans for low interest rate.

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