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Apply HDFC Bank Home Loan in Bangalore at less rate of interest

HDFC Bank is a pioneer in providing the best home loan services serving more than 4.5 million satisfied customers with over 35 years of history in the home loan sector. HDFC housing loan offered by HDFC is a favorite among the common man. HDFC Home Loans come with unlimited benefits. HDFC bank offers home loan which are of different categories as per the customer’s requirements like buying or constructing a house, renovation or improvement, extension etc. HDFC bank also provides the option of transferring existing home loan from other banks or financial home loan lenders. HDFC housing loan interest rates are also very low and attractive compared to other banks. HDFC bank housing loan also comes with a lower interest rate for female home loan applicants or co-owners of a home loan. HDFC Home Loans are designed with you in mind.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Rate of Interest in Bangalore
Base Interest Rate 8.35% - 11.55%
Maximum Tenure 20 years
Processing Fee Up to 0.50% of the loan amount or ₹ 3,000 whichever is higher, plus applicable taxes.
Prepayment and Foreclosure Charges Allowed and no charges for floating rate loans
Age Limit Min 24 years and Max 60 years
Required Documents for HDFC Home Loan Bangalore
Document Salaried Self Employed
Proof of Identity/residence (any one) Valid Passport, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card Valid Passport, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card/TAN Card
Proof of Income
  • Pan Card
  • Last 3 months Salary slip
  • Last 6 months Bank Statements with salary credits
  • Latest Form-16 and IT Returns
  • Pan Card/TAN Card
  • Income Tax Returns with computation of income for last 3 assessment years
  • Last 3 years Balance sheet and profit & Loss A/c statements
  • Last 6 months Current a/c statements of the business entity and savings A/c statements of the individuals
Other Documents
  • Employment Contract/ Appointment letter if current employment s less than 1 year
  • Last 6 months Bank Statement showing repayment of loans
  • Passport size photo of the applicant and the co applicant affixed on the form
  • Cheque for processing fees
  • Business Profile
  • Latest Form 26A
  • List of Directors and Shareholders with their individual shareholding certified by CA/CS if it is a company
  • MOA and AOA of the company
  • Details of the ongoing loans of the individual and the business entity with the details
  • Passport size photos of all applicants and co applicants affixed on the application form
  • Cheque for the processing fees
Property related documents
  • Copy of the allotment letter
  • Receipts of the payments made to the developer
  • Copy of the allotment letter
  • Receipts of the payments made to the developer

Why choose HDFC Bank Housing Loan?

  • HDFC Bank is considered one of the leading providers of home loan in the home loan segment with over 4.5 million happy customers spanning more than 3 decades.
  • The dedicated team of HDFC bank engaged in the home loan process has good experience and expertise which enables them to offer quick service to make the processing of home loan smooth and hassle free for the customer
  • No hidden charges with 100% transparency
  • Flexible repayment options with guaranteed peace of mind to the customers
  • Ensures safe and secure storage of your required documents
  • Facility of HDFC home loan transfer for smoother loan repayment
  • HDFC bank home loan offers a bit lower rate of interest for women applicants or co-applicants to empower them to take charge in financial matters
  • HDFC provides a wide range of home loans for different needs.

How to apply HDFC bank home loan online in Bangalore

Applying for HDFC Bank Home Loan in Bangalore has become very simple and easy as the application can be done online through our website www.home-loan-bangalore.com. The simple steps involve logging in to our website; choosing the relevant tab, fill up the necessary details like necessary documents etc:

Step 1 Visit our website www.home-loan-bangalore.com, click on the ‘Home Loans’ tab and fill up the required details to complete the application.
Step 2 Fill up the necessary details, after doing the necessary check like credit worthiness, eligibility etc., and the bank approves the loan.
Step 3 So the applicant needs to provide his personal details like name, age, address, occupation, income, etc. which the bank uses to generate a quote for EMIs with respect to the HDFC Limited Home Loans. If the applicant decides to apply for HDFC Bank home loans, all the documentation process is required to be completed and the applicant is required to submit the necessary documents as mentioned. Once the eligibility criteria and necessary documents submitted are verified by the bank successfully, your home loan is approved.

Different types of HDFC Bank Home loan

HDFC Home Loan has a wide range of use because different types of loans are issued for different needs. one can avail a HDFC Bank home loan for purchase or construction of a new house, purchase of an already built house which is for resale, renovation or improvement to one’s home, extension of one’s house to build for extra space, transferring an existing loan from other banks or financial institutions and specialized loans for farmers and for others wishing to construct or purchase a property in a rural area.

HDFC Bank Home Loans

Home Loan from HDFC Ltd. is offered in various variants to suit the needs and requirements of all and sundry. Given below is the range of HDFC Bank Home Loan products offered to the customers to fulfill their aspirations.

HDFC Home Loan

HDFC Bank home loan is issued to individuals who wish to purchase a house or construct a new one. The customer can avail the home loan solely on his name or under the names of two or more people jointly.

HDFC Home Improvement Loans

Individuals who want to renovate or redecorate their homes as per the changing trends can avail the HDFC Home Improvement Loan which is specifically sanctioned for home improvement purpose.

HDFC Home Extension Loans

This type of housing loan scheme offered by HDFC bank comes useful for a home extension, renovation, or repair of the existing home.

HDFC Limited Home Loan for Farmers and Rural Areas

HDFC bank also offers specialized home loans for the farmers and people living in rural areas. Agriculturists, planters, horticulturists and dairy farmers can avail this home loan for construction, purchase, extension or renovation of houses in rural areas.

HDFC Home Loan for Farmers

HDFC offers home loan for farmers so that they are a choice. The loan is granted for the construction of houses in residential areas of villages only. The loan eligibility depends on the total agricultural land owned by the farmer and the type of crops cultivated on the owned land. The farmers need not mortgage their cultivating land for availing the above loan.

HDFC Rural Housing Finance for Salaried & Self-Employed

This type of HDFC home loan scheme is specially designed for Government and Private sector employees, businessmen, self-employed professionals, traders for buying or construction of property in the residential area of a rural sector.

HDFC Home loan EMI calculator

EMI calculators form an important part of the decision-making process for taking a home loan. Once an individual is sure about the amount that they might be paying for their home loan EMI can help them make a decision that is well thought of and is suitable to their requirements and conditions.

The Home-Loan-Bangalore.com provides EMI calculator which can assist you in getting a clear picture of how much the loan will actually cost you in terms of the EMI throughout the loan tenure.

HDFC Bank home loan top up

Get your dreams fulfilled with HDFC's Top up Home Loans where you can celebrate your personal or professional milestones such as buying or constructing a new house, house renovation, home improvement etc.

Salient Features:

  • Avail of a maximum Top up on Home Loan of Rs. 50 lacs
  • Loans for existing customers as well as new customers
  • Home loan Balance Transfer Facility available
  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Easy and hassle free documentation with quick loan approvals
  • Simple repayments through monthly installments
  • 24/7 customer service

HDFC Bank home loan balance transfer

HDFC Bank offers a golden opportunity to lower your loan repayments when you have smarter options to choose from. Move your Home Loan outstanding balances to HDFC bank and pay lower monthly installments and enjoy the savings for the other things in life that really matter to you and your family.

Salient Features:

  • You can transfer your outstanding Home Loan availed from another Bank to HDFC Bank and get an additional Top Up on Home Loan of up to Rs.35 lacs.
  • Attractive interest rates that make your Home Loan affordable and easier to repay them on time
  • Option of customizing your loan repayment according to your
  • No hidden charges and 100% transparency

HDFC Bank Home Loan Customer Care Number

HDFC is leading bank with a wide customer base, extremely popular for its customer service too... There are multiple mediums through which the customers can get in touch with the bank's customer care service and get them to solve their problems, answer their queries and any other requests with respect to banking with HDFC Bank.

You can contact HDFC Bank on the following toll-free number numbers. You can contact the toll-free for any inquiries/ complaints/issues. They can be reached anytime, anywhere:

For queries by HDFC Housing Loan Bangalore customers: (080) 41183000

HDFC Bank NRI Home Loan

HDFC offers different types of home loan products to Non- Resident Indians (NRIs). Being a pioneer in the home loan portfolio, HDFC home loans will help NRIs fulfill the dream of owning a property.

Advantages of HDFC Bank NRI home loan:

  • Flexible repayment tenures
  • minimal documentation requirements to ensure quick disbursal of the loan amount
  • Expert guidance will ensure you a delightful home purchase experience

Types of HDFC Bank NRI Home Loans:

TruFixed Plus Home Loan – 2 Year Fixed Rate Variant:

This type of housing loan offers NRIs the flexibility of part fixed rate term and part flexible rate term., as the fixed rate can be availed for a maximum tenure of 2 years and post that, the loan will be automatically changed to adjustable rate to a total of 20 years.

TruFixed Plus Home Loan – 3 Year Fixed Variant

This type of home loan offers customers the flexibility of having fixed rate for a term period and flexible rate for the remaining tenure, where you can avail a fixed rate for up to 3 years, the loan will be automatically changed to adjustable rate to a total of 20 years.

HDFC NRI Home Loan Eligibility

Generally, the eligibility criteria for NRI Home Loans will include

  • Age of the applicant
  • Income per annum
  • Number of years that the applicant has stayed abroad
  • This home loan can be availed by a person who is residing abroad but is a citizen of India or is of Indian origin.
  • The person might stay overseas for the purpose of employment, business, vocation or education.
  • Depending on loan tenures, the annual income criterion will also vary

Documents required for HDFC NRI Home Loan

The documents required vary depending on the applicant’s employment, country of residence and source of income. The following documents might be asked for during the application process.

  • Identity and Address Proof:
  • Any one of the following documents - passport (compulsory), Voter ID, PAN Card with allotment letter and Aadhaar
  • Income Proofd
  • Salary slip for the last 3 months specifying name, date of joining, salary and designation
  • Copy of appointment letter or employment contract
  • Copy of the last 6 months’ bank account of NRI/NRO accounts in India and also that showing the salary credits
  • Most recent credit bureau report if applicable
  • Copy of Agreement of Sale
  • Title Deeds with the previous chain of property-related documents
  • Receipts of all payments made to seller

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are my property documents safe with HDFC Bank Home loan?

Yes, HDFC carefully safeguards all your property documents for your complete peace of mind. So be assured that your property documents are in safe hands?

Can I give standing instructions to the bank to deduct my Home Loan EMIs directly from my HDFC Bank Savings Account?

Yes, HDFC gives you the option for Automated Repayment System and your EMIs will be directly repaid from your HDFC Bank Savings Account, thus saving your precious time.

Do I have the option to structure my loan as partly fixed or partly floating?

Yes, you can structure your HDFC home loan. You can repay your Home Loan as Partly Fixed or Partly Floating as per your needs.

How will HDFC Bank decide my home loan eligibility?

Your home loan eligibility would be based on factors like your repayment capacity based on income, age, qualifications, number of dependants, spouse's income, assets, liabilities, stability, and continuity of occupation, and savings history.

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